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I come baring gifts of old school adventure game fan art!

And by "gifts" I mean a Quest for Glory fan art that I may or may not have had lying around for about two years... Um... Still, first picture post yays?

Specs: Drawn in Opencanvas.

Yeah, I need to do more QFG arts, because I'm a bit more skilled now than I was two years ago...
And why am I just posting this one pic as opposed to all the other videogame fan arts that I already have?
Because I found this place by searching for 'quest for glory', and this is still the only QFG fan art that I've done that I like. And I'd rather avoid posting old art if I can. (But QFG tends to be the exception for me.)

Okay, I'm done. :3

EDIT: Woo, and now I notice that the last post was in 2005. LOLZ.
Well, whatever.
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